Dahan Shaw deliver the majority of our architectural services using the RIBA Work Stages 0-7, which organises the project process from early strategic brief-making, through the design stages, to completion and use of a building. A Client may choose to engage our services over a series of stages or across all stages, depending on the project requirements.



Dahan Shaw have carried-out feasibility studies for private and public sector housing projects. These have varied in scale from a development of two apartments for private sale to a masterplan for a suburban neighbourhood to deliver a 30,000m2 low density, social housing scheme. We have a particular interest in identifying the development potential of existing buildings.



Dahan Shaw offers consultancy services on short-term contracts for private companies, local authorities and community groups. The work has taken a wide-range of forms, resulting in the production of reports, publications, operational systems and exhibitions. Examples of our consultancy work include the production of comprehensive design guidelines for the building of an industrial plant, advising specialist contractors involved in Off-Site Manufacture (OSM) on the delivery of their design services as part of the DfMA process.



We enjoy the varied conversations that our breadth of work allows us to have with clients, investors, builders and users of architecture and are always pleased to have a conversation about how we might support the bigger picture of a project or initiative. Architecture starts with the client, with an idea, an aspiration, a desire to make a difference, to invest, to yield, to leave a legacy. Building a dialogue with the client is an essential part of the architect’s role and is to be sustained throughout the project. There are tools that we use to design and there is work that we produce to communicate. Dahan Shaw uses physical models at different scales, collages, film and photography as an important part of our working process.

Dahan Shaw is in continuous dialogue with those that both inhabit and prescribe the architecture of the public realm and communal ground. Our public realm initiatives are stimulated by a social interaction with existing communities, a public response to a provocative act or a careful study of the figure-ground condition. As private ownership begins to shape the use of public space, we believe that these initiatives are more important than ever.


Buildings are being asked to perform at precise and high levels of comfort to meet the individual demands of contemporary lifestyles. This needs to be married with our responsibility to think globally about managing our finite and renewable resources. Dahan Shaw believes in the performance of spatial design with carefully chosen materials that comprises more than the building standards required for a comfortable, contemporary and sustainable lifestyle.


Naomi has taught undergraduate architecture students in several universities in London for over ten years. She teaches with Thomas Goodey, their design studios reflect their interest in working with existing buildings, and the development of social housing projects.

Photograph of 1:200 scale site model of Mostar by 2nd year students, Kingston University, 2014